i wish there was a pizza holiday i can only eat about 2 pieces of chocolate and then feel sick but pizza i could eat and eat and eat and eat

every day is pizza holiday

Favorite Characters: Jim Halpert (The Office)

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I am selling lots of merch for very very cheap including:

Signed Stuff
VersaEmerge shirt (signed by blake)
We Are The Ocean shirt + CD (both signed by whole band with dan)
Young Guns All Our Kings Are Dead CD + signed poster
You Me At Six Sinners Never Sleep CD signed

Abandon All Ships
Resist & Rebel
Multiple FTSK shirts
Gryffindor Hot Topic shirt
Saosin Hot Topic shirt
3OH!3 Hot Topic shirt

Drop Dead

Bracelets: Multiple FTSK bracelets, Enter Shikari bracelet
CD’s: LPU 11 & 12, FTSK Self-Titled, Fall Out Boy From Under The Cork Tree, Within Temptation Acoustic Night, Green Day 21st Century Breakdown, Mcfly Greatest Hits, Blink 182 Greatest Hits

Message me if you need details such as photo’s/size’s/prices, etc.


This is the whole show


This is the whole show

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Love Your Friends, Die Laughing
Man Overboard
Hung Up On Nothing

When you put your arms around me the whole world’s alright.

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my eyes have been opened

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i wanted to make a LOST playlist so i went through my library and now i’m laughing hystericaly because

pilot be like

then for the rest of the time it’s like

then they finally get home but

and everyone is like

and i’m like

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So for the past few months I’ve basically been completely broken thinking that everyone hated me and I had no friends but I’ve started actually making an effort with people again (obviously when I felt like shit and was paranoid as fuck I couldn’t do that) and I feel so much better.

I’ve met up with friends I haven’t seen in literally a year and done normal things like go to the pub and I’ve even booked a holiday with my friends from school and I just feel good like when I make an effort my friends do too so they don’t hate me I was just being a paranoid dick and it’s gonna be hard to keep this shit up cause socialising involves money and I’m poor but I’m gonna do my bloody best!!!!

Peace out bitchessssss


it’s true though why am i laughing


it’s true though why am i laughing

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